Water Purifier KPW-LT
Water Purifier KPW-LT
Water Purifier KPW-LT
Water Purifier KPW-LT
Water Purifier KPW-LT
Water Purifier KPW-LT

Water Purifier KPW-LT

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working principle:activated carbon
Product time to market:2020年2月
Source category:Spot goods
place of origin:Shenzhen
Wading Approval Document Number:粤卫水字[2018]-05-第S0192号
Water treatment machine category:pre-filter
filter element:ceramic filter
Number of filter elements:level 4
water quality requirements:Municipal tap water
temperature range:0-37
utilized location:Terminal water purification
Water purification effect:Descaling, chlorine removal, heavy metal removal, rust removal, sediment removal, organic matter removal, bacteria removal, virus removal
filter level:4 stages of filtration
water mode:single outlet
replaceable filter:Can
Filter alarm device:not support
Type of accessories:water purifier filter
price range:50-60 yuan
physical dimension:140*110*50mm
trade attribute:Domestic trade
Fastest shipping time:1-3 days
Does it support dropshipping:support
After-sales service:National Warranty
bill:no invoice
packing list:Subject to the actual object
Item No.:一机一芯,一机四芯,滤芯
Whether cross-border export exclusive supply:no

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